Guidelines for Conference

Submitting abstracts:

¡̀   Submitting an abstract for poster or oral presentation is mandatory!

¡̀   The abstract must be written in English and must be submitted in a WORD format (.doc or .docx). Abstract should not exceed one page in length. The dimension of the paper is A4 size paper (210mm x 297mm). Margins should be 25.4 mm on all sides, and the text should be written in 10 point Times New Roman/Arial/Symbol. One figure and at least 3 references are mandatory in abstract. Please download abstract template to get more details: abstract template.

¡̀   Please send abstract and assisted files to email (angel2020@issp.ac.cn), and we will reply to your submission as soon as possible.

Presentation types

¡̀   Keynote presentation: 45 minutes

¡̀   Invited presentation: 25 minutes including 5 minutes for discussion

¡̀   Oral presentation: 20 minutes including 5 minutes for discussion

¡̀   Flash talk for posters: 3 minutes, just for poster authors

For poster authors, we sincerely welcome your application for flash talks after acceptance notification date (February 14, 2020) to better show your wonderful poster contents on the rostrum of conference. Priority shall be given to the students. The flash talk just need 5 slides.

Presentation submission

We will provide a Windows-based computer for presentation. Please send your presentation file in advance (tagged with name and presentation types) to our email (angel2020@issp.ac.cn) before May 24, 2020. Or copy on site your presentation (including all video files) by a USB mass storage, CD-ROM or DVD to our computer before the starting of conference on the day you have to give presentation.

Presentation formats: ppt, pptx and pdf

¡̀   To guarantee a smooth running program please upload your presentation in due time ¨C at least 2 hours before your presentation is due to start.

¡̀   If your presentation includes video files, please contact with conference staff directly or by email (angel2020@issp.ac.cn) to make sure all files can be played successfully.

¡̀   If you want to use your private computer, please contact with conference staff directly or by email (angel2020@issp.ac.cn) before conference starting.

Poster presentation: attendees must support both print-out version and electronic version

¡̀   Print-out version format: DIN A0 (84,1 cm x 118,9 cm); portrait format (not landscape format)

¡̀   Electronic version format: pdf, ppt and pptx

¡̀   Please prepare and print your poster in advance to the conference and send your electronic version to email (angel2020@issp.ac.cn)!

Awards and Student grant

¡̀   10th Anniversary Prize: The Prize rewards a crucial contribution for clarifying basic principles in laser synthesis and improving application of laser generated colloids on the basis of long-term fortitude and devotion.

¡̀   Fojtik Henglein Pirze: The Prize rewards an outstanding contribution and recent scientific breakthrough in the field of laser synthesis and processing of colloids in liquids. (Introduction of Fojtik Henglein Prize)


¡̀   Abstract template